• 3ds Max Plug-ins

  • 3ds Max Plug-ins

  • Maya Plug-ins

  • Parametric Textures

  • Custom UI

  • OpenGL and GLSL Shaders

  • Advanced Illumination, Soft Shadows, SSAO

  • V-Ray and Mental Ray Shaders

  • Motion Capture Tools

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Maya and 3ds Max Development Services The team of higly proffessional developers provides consulting and development services of applications & tools, Mobile Apps, 3ds Max and Maya plug-ins, V-Ray and mental ray shaders, OpengGL and DirectX stuff, creating GLSL, HLSL, CgFx shaders.

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    More then 10 year of professional Maya and 3ds Max developent experience. Took part in creating such famous products as Partice Flow Tools, Shave and Haircut, Hair and Fur also LipService for Maya and 3ds Max.

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    More then 10 years of development within various technologies (desktop, databases, web) and programming languages.

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    Bright iOS/Andorid developer, winner of Vesna-Soft developers' competition.

We do love the computer graphics and love programming so this creates an fertile soil for developing a high-quality graphics software. Our primary focus is creating 3ds Max and Maya plug-ins in combination with connecting it to the famous renderers, customizing the appearance in view viewports and achieving the best performance of your products.

We provide the services of design and development of the new software and also services of updating, maintenance and tuning up the existing ones.

We use various customer engagement models to ensure that your collaboration with us is a perfect fit.

Need help in your tools and plug-ins development? Do not hesitate to contact us!

3ds Max and Maya are a registered trademark of Autodesk, Inc
Hair and Fur, Shave and Haircut, LipService are trademarks of Joe Alter, Inc